Why Women
Love Strong Men

Wisdom for men on having a successful relationship

Being the strong man a woman wantsAre you a man who wants to regain love and respect from a woman?

Do you try hard to please her but she’s not happy?

Do you feel you’ve lost control of your life?

Are you a woman who is frustrated with today’s men?

A lot of men don’t realize what they’re doing to try to have a good relationship may actually be making things worse.

This Must Read Book Can Help!

“If my husband of 38 years had understood these basic but crucial truths, my marriage would not have disintegrated.”

Reader Comment

“My wife has noticed a change in my life for the better already. It has saved our marriage and is turning me into the strong man that my wife desires!”

Amazon Customer Review

“I couldn’t put it down, every page I flipped I found more I had been doing wrong. Now I look forward to making positive changes and seeing where it goes. This book will likely be a life saver for my relationship.” 

Amazon Customer Review

Elliott KatzElliott Katz is a speaker and author of Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants: Timeless wisdom on being a man. Translated into 24 languages around the world, the book shares insights on how men can improve their relationships and regain love and respect.

Elliott has shared his insights on more than 200 radio and TV interviews. Here he is on Breakfast Television!